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Generic HTML element class.


 var obj = new AW.System.HTML; 


Parent Classes:


cloneCreates an object clone.
elementReturns the reference to the HTML element.
getAttributeReturns the value of the attribute.
getClassReturns the value of the CSS class.
getContentReturns the named HTML fragment.
getEventReturns the HTML event handler.
getIdReturns the unique ID of this object.
getStyleReturns the value of the CSS style attribute.
getTagReturns the HTML tag name.
initInitializes the object.
refreshUpdates the HTML element.
refreshClassesUpdates the className attribute of the HTML element.
setAttributeSets the value of the attribute.
setClassSets the value of the CSS class.
setContentAdds the static HTML fragment to the object.
setEventAssigns the HTML event handler.
setIdSets the unique ID for this object.
setPositionSets element position (absolute).
setSizeSets element size.
setStyleSets the value of the CSS style attribute.
setTagSets the HTML tag name.
setTimeoutCalls the function after the specified delay.
toStringConverts object to string.


AW allows assembling html markup in 'object-oriented' way -

var obj = new AW.HTML.DIV;
obj.setClass("test", "div");
obj.setAttribute("title", "tooltip text");
obj.setStyle("border", "1px solid red");
obj.setEvent("onclick", function(){alert(this)});
obj.setContent("html", "inner html");

See also

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