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Autosize Columns based on data

Is there any way to size/stretch the columns based on the data in them? I know you can size the data from JS and CSS, but is there a method to do this on the fly such that it's based on the data in the array. This would be really neat if it's not. I can always truncate data coming from the server, but it would still be nice to size based on the data coming from the server so you don't have to use the header seperator to size the column.

Any one have any ideas?
January 4,
Tony, check this post (by mistake under ver 1.0 section):
January 4,
Thanks Carlos, but this looks like it resizes based on the headers, and apperently only works in Internet Exploder. So does anyone have a cross browser suggestion that works based on the data?
January 4,
Sorry, was my fault
I already corrected the mentioned post.
January 9,

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