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2.0 beta4 change log

The main change in 2.0 beta4 - new cell editing API. The editing code is now part of standard cell template and separate cell editor template is removed. Several new events are available (see /examples/new/editing.htm) -


Unfortunately the editing code for Firefox/Safari is not completed yet, so editing in beta4 works in IE only.

Here is the list of other changes -

- getTemplate method returns template clone (except in lists)
- list actions moved to separate controller files
- fixed bug in CSV.Table where data was not reloaded
- clear scroll on csv/xml tables reload
- corrected setParameter/header in http request
- fixed missing ';' in htmlPattern regexp
- added magical filter:none rule
- added AW.debug()
- corrected tab index values
- added activate/deactivate events
- removed editor template
- renamed AW.Templates.HTML -> AW.Templates.Cell
- changed item padding back to 0 4 4 4 from 0 8 4 0
- moved editing to ImageText template
- changed default value for CellEditable to false
- added editing example

Alex (ActiveWidgets)
January 18,
It's very good for me,haha,i will update the activewidgets.cn now.
January 18,
Great, Perfect!
BTW could you please give a few hints about enhancements that are not used in the expamples:
- added magical filter:none rule
- added AW.debug() --- ?
(or any other control useful new feature) in a short description like:
Now it is possible to make a UI.<control> <property>..........by .........
Thanks a lot
January 19,

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