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This may seem like an odd question and it may even be a flawed question ... but ...

As it seems hard to save the data from within the grid itself to a local file (I know it's possible but I like the fact it's not obvious and I'm not talking about the src data just the data in the gird.)

Is it possible to load data from a source such that the source is not readable to the end user. Thus making the data in raw format be it xml, js or other unusable for the average user.

Basically I want to allow my users to see the data in the grid but not to make it easy for them to grab it locally. It doesn't have to an infallable system just plain awkward or time consuming would be fine.


Mike Prog
February 7,
Hi Mike,

I haven't tried this but I think it would work. There are many scripts out there that protect html using javascript (simple encode / decode algorithms).

If you are populating the grid using an array then I don't see why the array couldn't be first processed by one of these type of scripts.

For help with the script see:

p.s. - the script from the link above takes into account your websites url so make sure you set that correct for testing.
Rob Francis
February 7,
Hi Rob,

Thanks for your answer...

I had just started toying with this idea too, and I guess you are right it does solve my problem. It's not cast iron but it does cause the level of awkwardness I require.

Just in case anyone else reads this thread here is some more info to do as Rob suggests and hide your javascript array



Mike Prog
February 7,
Use jscript.encode - see msdn site
February 7,

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