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Has anyone made a slider control?

If it's possible to make one out of an existing aw widget, that would be really good. I took a few minutes to try making an instance of aw.scroll.bars and do something with it, but I didn't get anywhere. It said it didn't find a $owner or something like that.

I'm looking for (or I might try to make) a slider that acts just like a scrollbar with buttons on top and bottom to move one step at a time, and the slider thumb to drag anywhere between top and bottom.

It would need all the expected cabability: set and get height, width, thumb size, step increment, horizontal or vertical orientation, value. It would be good to allow hiding of the individual step controls (on top and bottom) in case they are not used.

A further extension of this would be to allow two thumbs on the slider to use for setting the min and max of a range.
Jim D.
February 17,
Just in case you need an alternative solution ...

Yahoo has one available at:

Here is the demo page:
Rob Francis
February 17,
Did anyone manage to create a slider control using activewidgets that they are willing to share?
June 8,

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