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Tree Control - Does not intent when the depth reaches 6 or more

I've created a test tree control using the AW.UI.Tree and it seems as though the tree will stop indenting nodes once the depth of the tree reaches about 6 levels deep. Mind you, the nodes are still created properly, but the child leaves render directly under the parent after reaching this limit. Is there a reason for this limitation? Is there any way to get around this?

Dan B.
February 21,
Should be "Does not indent (not intent)."
February 21,
There are only 6 levels on indentation defined in the CSS for the tree (common/tree.css). If you want to go deeper then you are going to have to add more levels to the CSS. Once you take a look at the file you will see how easy it is to add these levels. You can add as many as you like.
Jim Hunter (www.FriendsOfAW.com)
February 21,
Excellent. Thanks for the information.
Dan B.
February 22,

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