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Nested list collapsing script using UL & LI

Have been trying to make the Child Node lets say 3rd or 4th level highlight background to span 100%,

Check this following example:

Section 2.3.2 background color should span to 100% from left.


Please help me if you have any ideas

Kalpana Aravabhumi
February 26,
Hi Kalpana,

The ActiveWidgets tree control will highlight the selected node 100% from left to right. You can see an example at:

However, you mention UL & LI so I gather that you are not using ActiveWidgets. If so then you might have better luck posting on a Javascript/html forum.
Rob Francis
February 27,
Hi Rob,

Thanks for your quick reponse on this.


Kalpana Aravabhumi
March 6,

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