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Resize row header column width by dragging


Is it possible to change the width of the row header column by dragging the column header (corner)? I've created a custom row header column that shows my first column of data and would like to be able to resize this column by dragging, like the other columns in the grid.

I created my row header and corner from the instructions that Alex gave in this post:


In his post was the following block of code:

//    define template for the first column header
    obj.defineTemplate("corner", new Active.Templates.Header);

    //    assign this template as the content of top left corner
    obj.getLayoutTemplate().setContent("corner", function(){return this.getCornerTemplate(0)});

    //    adjust header template
    var corner = obj.getCornerTemplate();

    //    redirect item property requests to column property
    corner.getItemProperty = function(name){return this.getColumnProperty(name, 0)};

    // disable resizing
    corner.getContent("div").setEvent("onmousedown", null);
    corner.getContent("div").setStyle("cursor", "default");

I tried to remove the last two statements, but I still can't grab the corner and resize the row header column.


March 7,

as far as I remember I could not make any working example for resizable row header in version 1. It is only available in v2.0
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
March 8,

Thanks for your reply. One more question -- is it possible to programmatically change the width of the row header column in version 1? I've tried to call setRowHeaderWidth() after my table has been created and displayed, but this doesn't seem to work.
March 13,
how can i make the couumns resizable. i.e ,when i drag the mouse the grid colum should be resizable in version 1.1
January 4,

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