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Two row column header with image for first row

I am looking to have a 2 row header with images in the first row and column text headers in the second row. I would like the column text headers to be sortable but not the images above.

I have been able to put everything in one row as such

var imgText = "<img src=\"images/col1.jpg\"><br>Col 1"
obj.setHeaderTemplate(new AW.Templates.Cell, 0, 0);
obj.setHeaderText(imgText, 0, 0);

but then the image and the heade text is sortable.

I have not seen anything in the Forum - I apologize if I missed it.

Any help is appreciated.
April 6,

when you say 'sortable' - does this mean 'it triggers sorting when clicked' or something else?
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
April 6,
Alex -

Yes - I meant 'it triggers sorting when clicked'.

Thanks for following up.

April 7,

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