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Grid Header Issue

Number of column in the grid is dynamic. And i have defined equal width for every column. But the width of the header and the width of the body is not the same. I body content is moving a pixel right as the column ascends. The space is increasing as the column increases.
Eg: If there are 5 columns. 1st column is properly aligned with the header. Second column moves one pixel right from the header alignment. And the third column moves two pixel right from the header and so on.
If you have solution for the problem please post it.

April 7,
Are you using 2.0 beta and 'strict' DOCTYPE ?
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
April 7,
Iam using 2.0 beta
April 9,
Thats probably not a good idea. Could you check if you still have the problem with 2.0 final?
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
April 10,

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