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Firefox problem?

Our company standard is Internet Explorer - and thus we build to it.
It is part of our policy with our members that they use IE for our content. However, some people just use what they want. ok.

I recently converted a whole section (50+ pages) to use AW 2.0

And things run GREAT in IE.

However, in Firefox, the grid won't even show - let alone function.

I'm hoping someone can look at this page in both IE and Firefox and offer some suggestions so I can support both browsers. There are two links (one for Generation Active and one for Generation Withdrawn that use AW). Underneath that are the original pages that do work in both IE and firefox.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.
April 7,

seems that it does not work in IE either and in both cases the problem is that you are making XMLHTTP request (AW.XML.Table object) to http:// source while the page is https:// (secure connection). This is not allowed by the browser security restrictions so you have either move the data source to https:// or the page to http:// protocols.

Alex (ActiveWidgets)
April 7,

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