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Fix - cells do not resize when grid is inside html <table>

I have finally found the way to fix an old problem where the grid cells do not resize properly in IE if the grid is put inside an html <table> or nested tables. Usually it looks like the cells change the size one-by-one when you hover the mouse above them. The following CSS should fix that -

.aw-ie .aw-grid-control {
overflow-x: visible;

Together with the scrolling fix ( /datagrid.13672/fix-grid-does-not-scroll.html ) the patch is -

.aw-ie .aw-grid-control {
    overflow-x: visible;

.aw-ie .aw-bars-content {
    padding-bottom: 50px;

.aw-gecko .aw-grid-box {
    min-width: 150px;

Add this code to the end of the aw.css file or into inline <style> block.

To my knowledge this fixes all <table>-related problems with the grid. If you still have strange grid behaviour inside html tables - please let me know.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
April 26,
I need to figure out how to put HTML codes in boxes for people to copy and paste theirselves. Can you help me?
November 30,

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