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Cell resize bug (and fix)

Hi all,

It is nice to work with this wonderful grid. I had few problems with it, and also found out work around for them.

1. /datagrid.1437/

2. When placed inside some TD which has align="right", column width resizing in this Grid gets scewed-up, specially while reducing the width.

Work around, add text-align: left in main grid element

.active-controls-grid {width: 480px; height: 200px; font: menu; text-align: left;}

Hope this will help someone.
June 25,
What do you mean by TD ? The grid does not have TABLE, TR or TD elements - everything is implemented using DIVs and stylesheet.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
June 26,
I was talking about the whole grid placed inside a TD. The main DIV for the grid will inherit text-align property from parent element (TD) and any div without specific property will become right-aligned.

By the way, Grid is fine as long as it is nested inside DIV. When the grid is put inside a TD, resiging, sorting becomes slow and buggy too. Increase the size of a column so that you get a horizontal scroll. Then go all the way right... It's not the end of GRID... Do sorting once... Things will be fine...

Looks like, script faces problem in detecting right width when grid is inside table cell :-(

Sudhaker Raj
June 28,
In IE, TABLE inside DIV and DIV inside TABLE has got some problems. They are not liking each other...

If the grid is of fixed width (not 100%) then things are under control...
Sudhaker Raj
July 24,
Often it helps to add css rule "table-layout: fixed" to the parent TABLE. Table tries to calculate its size depending on the content while div (or grid) depending on the parent (usually it is set to 100%). So the solution is to set the table size explicitly.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
July 26,

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