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Column Width property doesn't work

I've tried this in style code: .active-column-2 {width:200px; text-align: right;}

The text alignment worked fine, but the width, doesn't. I've tried the same with another columns (some with just width property) and it doens't worked too.

I'm building a grid based on the php example, just changed the data source (i'm using postgresql with php-ADODB). All the data are fine but i can´t change the column width.

Do you know how to fix this?
Rodrigo (Brasil)
June 28,
Whatever, i found the answer. When u build the grid from php, u must assign and style ID to your grid like describle in:


In this case, doesn't matter if you have one or more grids in your page. You must assign each one its related style.
Rodrigo (Brasil)
June 29,

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