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Date Format

Does the date in the javascript array need to be in the format 'mm-dd-yyyy'?

My dates are coming from the database in 'yyyy-mm-dd' format.
When I try to use the cell format methods to make it 'mm-dd-yyyy', I run into problems.

I've read through the forum and can not find anything directly addressing this. I have the feeling I'm doing something very basic wrong...
September 22,
Never mind. I think I found it on an old forum.

have to include:

var date = new Active.Formats.Date;

This was not easy to find and cost a lot of time. Did I miss this somewhere? Is this correct?
September 22,
September 22,

That thread does not answer my question. It assumes the data to be coming in as 'mm-dd-yyyy' which appears to be the default.
September 22,

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