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How to load html data into a Grid


I am amazed by the functionality and the user interface of the Grid. Thanks for making this wonderful tool available.
I have an existing solution that already generates data in html format. All I would like to do is to add the needed scripts to invoke AW Grid to present the table and provide AW style's scroll bar, sorting, etc.
I would appreciate any sample code to make this happen. Many thanks.

October 2,
If your table data is valid XML - you can load it as XML data island. Look at the XML data island example in /examples/old/ directory.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
October 3,
Thanks for the prompt reply. I really appreciate it.
Let me explain what I try to do. My web application already generates an html file that contains a table in html as below. The table in the example only has two rows, but in real life it has ten of thousands titles. Scrollbars and column sorting are required here.
I would like to use ActiveGrid to display the table. So my question here again is how do I do that, without having to pull the data from the html table in some other formats like arrays or XML files. Thanks for your help.

-- Chung --

<table class='Sortable Table' id='sortableTableTitles' >
<td>Christmas with the Kranks</td>
<td>Christmas with the Kranks</td>
<td>IMAX: Space Station 3-D</td>
<td>IMAX: Space Station 3-D</td>
October 5,
Can you reply back to this person's question. This is exactly my setup and I'd like to know if Active Widgets will work with this setup.

I'm guessing no since there was no reply back but I'm hoping since October 2006 it's changed.

April 15,
AW grid cannot load data from the existing html table. Try using XML data island instead.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
April 16,

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