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Grid to use with SQL...

Hi Alex...

I found a strange behaviour of your grat widget to be a problem with JavaScript handling of extended character when sorting arrays...

So I had to (my grat shame of speed lose) change obj.sort method to kind of requery (calls requery PHP script in <IFRAME>).

But that way I come to something else... I am using your grat grid to navigate through records and show selected record in a form to allow change (seems to be more userfriendly than editing values right in the grid). But the grid should show only some of the information...

i.e.: Table has about 20 collumns, but the grid should let user to choose what to show or shouw just 5 needed collumns, because the others are aplication properities...

So i have to do 2 queries (1 for the grid, 1 to get all) or hide some collumns.

But setting column.width=0 seems to brake whole the grid design.

What is the right way how to make it ?
Aleš Janèo
August 16,

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