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Need Help ASAP...

Need to be able to display a text file with default values in it in a form and then also should be able to alter the text in it and then save it ..

I'm a beginner in this so Please could anyone help me with the code to do so......
February 23,
I suggest learning how to code. The process is very simple and you learn many things (like, for example, learning what technology to apply to which problem for the desired solution)

Great resources are www.asp101.com and www.4guysfromrolla.com

If you urgently need help with this, there are many programmers for hire that would do it for you within a day or so.

Good luck!
February 26,
To develop a complete web application ,what all things do i need to learn .I mean from where do i start .I have no experience with web development,though have some with HTML,and am quite familiar with programming concepts.Could someone Plz guide me !
February 27,
I have a web application , which gives the user the ability to input some values (text,) .Once the user inputs those values and press start it reads a default file from a folder and then writes these entered text at the bottom of the file ..Now say i have 10 lines of text in there , and i need to put a certain entered text at say line 5 or so, then how could i do that...
Plz adivse ....
March 2,
As the second poster already states, visit the mentioned websites.

All things that are mentioned in the posts require basic programming skills in ASP, ASP.Net, PHP (or (less popular) Coldfusion or JSP)

(for appending to text files, lookup the help for the filesystem object, textstream object and request object on http://www.w3schools.com/asp)

- ASP looks a lot like VB or VBA without the strongtyping of variables as string or boolean.

- ASP.Net is quite different and possibly harder to start with as it is an object oriented language. Without some programming experience you will definately need some time to begin. (http://www.asp.net)

- PHP is often used by students and smaller companies. It has a lot of built-in functionality, but since this functionality expands every rapidly, you will find yourself struggeling in continuously finding the right command for the job. (www.php.net)
Wim Z
March 5,

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