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regarding the checkbox


I need a help regarding how to load other jsp page on click of a button from current jsp page.

My requirement is that I have a jsp page with two check boxes and a submit button. I need to load another jsp page on clicking the submit button depending opens select check box.

I m new to jsp

Any help will be sppreciated.

March 11,
its very simple suneetha.
i think u r very new commer in js including scripting lang.ryt
already u hav submit button on static page.so u'l create another js page in another location for wat do u want to add ur data.Nw we can giv this Second page url in 1st page submit button.
So nw wenever we'l click once it'l generated 2nd page automaticaly.
try to ur best level. if u not find contct me
March 12,

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