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Could it be possible to sort the grid(initially loading or when clicked on any column header) for the equal data based on another column?
March 13,
The display order of the grid rows is defined by the row indices property -


You should make a custom sort procedure which assigns an array of row indices in desired order to the grid row indices property.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
March 13,
Hi alex,
Am using the version1 can i have any update in relation to that?
March 14,
There is a similar property in v1 -

Alex (ActiveWidgets)
March 14,
Just an added comment to everyone reading this. If the title says "URGENT" and it's posted for Version 2 of the ActiveWidgets, expect an answer to Version 2 of the grid. Alex has been amazing up and till now with his support on these products, but please stop being dumbasses and waste his time.

March 14,

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