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Controls inside grid, posting to server Problem

I have a collection of input controls (combo, radio button) inside a grid, the grid is within a <FORM> element, so I assume that when I do a HTTP POST, the controls value will be sent as parameters. I've set the name of the controls by using :

combo.setAttribute("name", "myCombo");
radio.setAttribute("name", "myRadio");

At the server side, I call request.getParameter("myCombo")... but have no luck, means the controls values are not posted...

Did I get anything wrong ?

March 13,
In the current version AW controls do not interact with html <FORM> elements (and do not send data with postback request). The original assumption was that AW controls will be used for client-side applications, not for the traditional html pages. Looks like this assumption was wrong, so it will be corrected in the future releases.

Currently if you want to use AW controls data in html forms postback you have to extract it and put into hidden input or other html form elements. Another possibility is using AW.HTTP.Request object for Ajax-style calls.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
March 13,
ermm....Have to go for the last resort, hidden fields... :(

Anyway, Thanks Alex...
March 13,

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