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Virtual mode scrolling

I have seen numerous suggestions to leave virtual mode on and while it does render faster that way, when you scroll there is that annoying delay before the new sections populate, the users can't stand this (neither can I) so I always leave it turned off so the new rows appear immediately as you scroll, and just take the initial performance hit. Any way to achieve smooth scrolling with it off?
March 29,
I haven't found any way to improve the scrolling in virtual mode, and Alex has implied that there isn't a way in the current version. He has indicated that he will work on improving the virtual scrolling in future releases. I listed that as my top priority when he asked for requests for future releases, so I hope he takes the hint :-)
Randall Severy
March 29,
Thanks. It's nice to have faster rendering but that hesitation thing in virtual scrolling is really not acceptable. But I uderstand it's a paging issue, probably not much can be done about it. All in all it's a great grid however, best client-side I've found anyway.
March 29,

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