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The example below takes 6+ seconds to load on my PC in both IE and Firefox. (The system is a P4 3.2Ghz with 1GiB RAM). I'm not setting any data here and it's running locally so it actually takes much longer over a network in a real application. Is there something i'm doing wrong or am I just trying to use too many cells (in this case 3500)?

grid = new AW.Grid.Extended;

grid.setControlSize(700, 400);



Thanks very much,
April 4,
It seems to be affected by the number of columns more than the number of rows. I can change the column count to 10 and the row count to 1000 and it loads in 2 seconds. But with 40+ columns it takes a long time to load.

Is there any way to improve this?

April 4,
April 4,
Virtual mode affects vertical scroll only. In this case the long loading time is related to the large number of columns (70). Unfortunately there is nothing that can be done with it in the current version. For a read-only grid you could use AW.Templates.Cell which is simpler and works a little bit faster than default AW.Templates.Text (but does not support cell editing).

In some cases the rendering time slows down when the grid is inside complex nested tables layout. Check if it works faster on an empty page.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
April 4,
Hi Alex,

Our grid application is very close and the load speed is the last hurdle. The application is likely to have up to 100 columns but not too many rows (less than 100).

Do you see improvements to the load time of grids with this many columns in future version?

Can you think of any modifications that we could make (and support ourselves) to the grid now?

April 4,
I forgot to mention I ran the above example in the most basic HTML page and it took 6+ seconds to load. We're using a editable grid so we won't be able to use the Cell template.
April 4,
if number of rows is 100 and visible area only 30 virtual mode use virtualmode remains useful. loading time is divided by two.
is it not correct?
April 5,

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