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Paging Problem

Hi all,

Ive designed an asp page which lists the data dynamically from a database depending upon the page user visits i.e Paging. This was pretty easy. I mean, just making only one page and listing all the data from the database at runtime.

After this, one thing came to my mind. Will it be possible to repeat this cycle for images also.

Let myself be more clear.
Ok. I want to list few thumbnails on a page and links for further pages.Lets forget about whatever user does with the thumbnail.But, if he clicks on any further link, say 2 or 3, the whole new set of thumbnails should be shown on THIS SAME PAGE.


I know, it would be a mindless thought to store all those images thumbnail in a Dbase and then retrieving them using SQL query and then listing them PAGE BY PAGE. So the thumbnails needs to be stored in a DIRECTORY and not in a Dbase.

Then how could we perform PAGING over here?????

Any suggestion !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyone can contact me on javed_php@yahoo.com

Waiting for a positive feedback.

Javed Iqbal
April 9,

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