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Slow Performance in FireFox


I was wondering if you knew of any issues with the controls being slow in Firefox. I have a page with about 40 AW controls on it. No grid, but many buttons/checkboxes/combos/inputs. It works great in IE7, but when I switch over to Firefox it seems really slow.

For instance, I have an AW button that works as an off/on button for some other controls. Clicking it sets the other controls (about 8 others) to object.setControlDisabled(true); or false depending on the case. For whatever reason after clicking the button it takes about 2 seconds before the controls display as disabled.

I also have a listbox that displays a list of JPG images. Upon changing the selected file I am changing the background style of a <SPAN>. This also seems to take about 2 seconds in Firefox and is instantaneous in IE7.
obj.onItemSelectedChanged = function(event, index) { 
        document.getElementById('img').style.background = "url(/data/" + obj1.getControlValue() + "/" + this.getItemValue(index) + ")";

If you have any answers I would really appreciate some direction here. Am I doing anything wrong to cause this?

Aaron Todd
December 17,

I still dont know what the deal is, but as I kept reading through other performance issue posts I went ahead and tried the page on another machine. It worked perfectly as it should. I dont know what is causing problems on my system only, but something isnt right.

Any ideas? Suggestions??

Aaron Todd
December 17,
Try using the firefox in safe mode (no plugins).
Paulo Cesar (PC from Brazil )
December 17,
Aaron, do you have Firebug enabled ?
Its a great tool, but it could cause some javascript intensive sites to be slow.
Even Google thinks it could slow down Gmail (https://mail.google.com/support/bin/answer.py?answer=77355) and warns its users of it :)

I use FireFox with Firebug disabled and used the "Allowed Sites" menu item in Firebug to enable it only on sites where I debug javascript a lot.
Ankur Motreja
December 18,

All I can say is WOW. Thanks for the tip. As soon as I tuened FireBug off it worked fine.

Thanks again.
Aaron Todd
December 18,

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