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Safari focus problem


I just ran into the Safari iFrame focus problem mentioned at /datagrid.23695/activewidgets-2-5-3-released.html
It happens on Google Chrome too.

A simple way to see the problem is to load http://www.activewidgets.com in Safari (on Windows) and trying to click on the grid on the main page.
Since its in an iFrame, I am unable to click on any cell using Safari and Google Chrome.
If I use tab and shift-tab to focus on the grid, I am then able to click on the cells and move with the arrow keys.
It works fine in IE and FireFox.

Is there any known workaround ?
When is this bug expected to be fixed ?

Ankur Motreja
January 4,
Yes, this is a bug in AW 2.5.3 - it will be fixed in the next release. Unfortunately I don't know any workaround yet.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
January 6,
Hi Alex,

Thanks for the reply.
Any news on when the next release will be ?

Ankur Motreja
January 7,
I am getting same problem. Any update on new release?
Hillol Sen
June 22,
Hi Alex,

I've been waiting for this fix for quite some time.
Could you share any updates on when the next release will be ?

Ankur Motreja
July 11,
AW 2.5.4 is out. This bug should be fixed now in AW 2.5.4.

Alex (ActiveWidgets)
July 13,

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