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ActiveWidgets off with Kaspersky Endpoint Security 8 or windows update

Recentely I installed Kaspersky Endpoint Security 8 (KES 8) and since Ie8 doesn't show activewidgets objects. If I visit www.activewidgets.com the webpage layout is horrible.
I have installed KES 8 in some of mi clients computers and they don`t have this problem. If I turn off KES8 the problem persist.

I tried ugrading to Ie9. There is an improvement since Ie9 shows aw objetcts. The layout of the webpage is correct but it doesn't work.

If I debugg the code I see the error is in line: e.setActive(); of
obj.setEvent("onactivate", function(event){
var e = this.getContent("box/text").element();
if (e && event.srcElement != e ){
if (this.$active) {
e.setActive(); (error here)
If you ignore the error next one is in line handler.call(self); of \source\lib\system\object.js

I have uninstalled Ie9 and recent windows updates such as KB2644615 (13/01/2012), kb2584146 (13/01/2012), Kb2631813 (13/01/2012), KB2656356 (13/01/2012) but the problem persists.

Anybody has the same problem? Does anybody know about a possible solution?

Thanks in advance.

Javier (Tecnora)
January 30,
Back to ie9 version 9.0.8112.16421 updated 9.0.4 (KB2618444) I have looked for a way around of my previous problem and I'm not using aw.ui.link oncontrolclicked event wich caused the error.

Now I have an error when loading an xml.table with the request method.

Error is in line
this._data = xml.evaluate(this._dataPath, this._xml, this._ns, 9, null).singleNodeValue;

in \source\lib\xml\table.js file.

Error message: Objet doesn't accept property or method 'evaluate'

Thanks in advanced if anyone can help.



I have ruled out that the problem is KES 8.
I have also given up trying to go back to a version of ie8 that works. I uninstalled ie9, KB2631813, KB2656356, KB2644615, KB2584146, KB2632503, KB2598845, KB2585542, KB2544521, KB2482017 and still doesn't work.

Javier (Tecnora)
January 31,

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