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Grid goes blank if rowcount exceeds about 7800 records

I have a web site using active widgets that has been stable for several years now. Recently we have a customer that has over 8000 rows to display. It seems that Activewidgets is only pulling about 7800 records and then the display screen with headers goes blank and than we are no longer able to display anything without logging out of the site and going back in with a new session. If the row count is smaller, we have no issues.

Is there a buffer setting somewhere I need to set to allow for a larger row count.

October 15,
Check if it is the same issue described in:
October 15,
I am using IE 11, and the issue described is different in that there were rows displayed and it stopped after a certain amount. In my case, no rows are displayed at all when I select the complete data set and the activewidget grid no longer works, requiring the user to exit the web site and go back in (refresh does not clear it). If I select smaller data sets, the rows display OK.
October 15,
I have solved the issue - it had nothing to do with the number of rows - that was a red herring.

The issue was that one of the records had a double quote character in the name (it was spelled O"Driscoll instead of O'Driscoll). When I changed the double quote to a single quote, the grid loaded OK.
October 15,

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