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Set Row ID and retrieve on select event

First off, you did a fantastic job on this grid! I attempted something like this but had a hard time keeping the header widths consistant with the data.. Hats off! I am using Intersystems Cache Database and have no problem dynamically building arrays to populate the grid with a resultset. I was curious if there's a way that I can set the rowID to my ID and then how to retrieve it on select. I thought I read somewhere theres a Set ID command, but can't seem to find it now. Any help is appreciated.
January 14,
Nevermind.. figured it out...
January 14,
I was just about to post the link, so I post it anyway :-)


The patch at the end of the thread is not necessary anymore.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
January 14,
Great! .. good post.. I just solved it by adding the ID into the firct column and setting it's width to 0px. Seemed to work ok also.

I think I will give your suggestion a try!

January 14,

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