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Examples of ActiveWidgets in action on the web?

Can you guys point to web sites where I can wee ActiveWidgets in action? I've seen it in action on www.activewidgets.com of course. I'd like to see more examples. Any tips?
December 29,
December 31,

This link does not allow access. it is of no use.
Can u please tell me how to download this files to view ?
April 11,
Try the
address. Iam now downloading them. Dont know what have them.
April 13,
http://thej2ee.com/dist/ will be the true address. Any way I download them. There are 4 file. One of them (3MBsized) written for JSP and I think that it is very usefull for me. But I've not got server which can run JSP.

can anybody show me that running example? On the net?
April 13,

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