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retrieving XML attributes and populating a grid.


I have an exported XML file of the format
<Device host="host1">
<DeviceAttribute Name="IPAddress" type="String">
<DeviceAttribute Name="IPNetmask" type="String">
<Device host="host2">

I am trying to Populate a Grid with the 1st column being the host attribute, the second column being the IP Address and the third being the Netmask.

But... I dont understand how to populate the grid with these values given the above XML format, especially when it comes to getting the "host" & "Name" attributes.

Can anyone help. I'd be really gratefull.

Many thanks
February 22,
I also need to figure out this? Greg, do you have an idea how to display xml attributes in grid?

Suresh M
Suresh M
May 20,
I was handling the same thing. I transformed then original XML file (attribute based) into a XML formed by elements by means of XSL transformation.
Raciel R.L.
February 7,

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