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key events to select row

here in activewidgets table ,onclicking the row, i am displaying the selected row content (ie.,displaying the selected row content in alert )using

and the printrowdata function is
function printRowData(src){
// get index of the selected row
index = src.getProperty("row/index");
// print data using the row index
like this,how can i call 'printrowdata' function for keyup, keydown, keypress events.
why cant we use obj.setAction("keyup",printrowdata)?
March 29,

I can't use obj.setAction("keyup",printrowdata) too....

What do I have to do to work keypress, keydown or keyup?


November 6,
Hi romald

I create grid in master-detail page and want to capture event when user use keyboard up, down in master grid and get some data from the select row send to my query(detail grid).

This snippet may be can help you.
var myFunction = function(){
  var mRowIndex = this.getProperty("selection/values");
  parent.frames(1).location = parent.frames(1).location.pathname + '?v=' + this.getProperty("data/text", mRowIndex, 1);
obj.setAction("selectionChanged", myFunction);

love this grid.
Thammapat (Thai)
November 7,
Hello Thammapat!


Thank's your help.

November 20,

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