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Show progress bar in the grid

I need to show progress bar when I am searching for the data in synchronous mode.

I am using following to show progress bar in the grid but the progress bar would not come up

var req = new Active.HTTP.Request;
req.setProperty("async", false); ...

April 20,
I want to show a progress bar whilst the program is waiting for the query results
Lucky Bhengu
June 21,
You are going to find that in IE, the instant it goes off to get data from a server it halts all page processing until it gets the result from the server. It even halts annimated GIF images! I found there is NO easy way to have a progress bar on a page while it is getting info from a server. I think I found that Flash annimation still works but for me that was not an option.
Jim Hunter
June 22,

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