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I want to use the grid to display real time updates, which I receive from an applet (very fast updates)... what's the best way of updating the Grid? Should I store the data in an Array and refresh Cell by Cell as the values change?

Also what is the best way to reference the cells... should I use the array index or should I assign and ID to each cell?

Please help... thanks

P.S. Great grid
May 19,
I think the best is (as you say) to store the data in JS array and refresh cell by cell (or full row if there are many cells changed) using array indices for addressing. I guess you may go up to something like 100 updates per second.

Small example:

        var row = 1;
        var col = 1;
        myData[row][col] = (new Date()).valueOf();
    }, 100);
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
May 19,
How about inserting new rows?
May 23,
Hi Great Grid,

I also want to use applet as well as Grid control for real time upades.

Can u tell me how u did in both cases.

My emai id is dedhiahiren@yahoo.com
May 28,

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