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JSP Tag Library (Alex plz answer)

Hi there,

I want to release a JSP Tag Library so that you can easily integrate ActiveWidgets grid with a Struts application.

The tag library will offer code generation for the following operations:

- Add & remove rows
- Editable rows (including comboboxes, datepickers, etc)
- Export data to PDF, HTML, XML, CSV and XLS (Using the Jasper Reports Framework)
- Internationalization support (for the headers, soon for text formatting)

I want to release it with a GPL license through a sourceforge.net project (I like the support sourceforge offers for OSS), my question is: Am I allowed to do this? Do I need some sort of permission? I'm really dumb concerning legal issues, so any help would be greatly appreciated


Isidoro Trevino
May 27,
Hi Isidro,

I am in great need of such functionality that you are going to offer. Please send me all. My email id is dedhiahiren@yahoo.com

May 28,
Hi Isidoro,

if you publish your library under GPL - its exactly how it should work. Add a link to your project on this page:


and feel free to use this site documentation wiki for the description, examples, links etc (I can also put your code here if you wish).

Many thanks and good luck
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
May 30,
Isidoro Trevino

I am in great need of this type of library.If u could please send me any sample application for me.It would be gr8

Vikramaditya Garg
Vikramaditya Garg
April 13,
As far as I know this library is called AWTaglib and available here (based on AW 1.0 GPL)


Alex (ActiveWidgets)
April 13,
Is any tag library available for AW Grid 2.0.1 version.?
Vikramaditya Garg

June 21,
I am in great need of AWTaglib. I did not find any download for taglib in http://awtaglib.sourceforge.net/. Can u please send me the taglibs or a sample application.

July 4,
Amigos, yo desarrolle un modelo inicial de taglib para aw, grids, buttons, panels, calendar, etc.

mi email es clopez.cristian@gmail.com

July 4,
i am great need of sample code that generate grid using jsp and code to how to retrive the data from the grid cells
mi email es krishan11983@gmail.com
krish Tyagi
July 5,
Hi Isidro,

I am in great need of such functionality that you are going to offer. Please send me all. My email id is akkurind@yahoo.com

SenthilKumar Gopi
November 2,

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