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Problem with "Text file (CSV)"

Let me clarify this.

I'm using "runtime/styles/xp/grid.css" and I'm using "Text file (CSV)" for my data.

Lets say that I've named my "Text file (CSV)" - "info1". If I make a change to info1, like add an additional line of information and save the file, the changes are not displayed.

For every change I make I'm having to save the file under a different name like - "info2", "info3", "info4", etc. and point to that new file within the script, in order to get the changes to be displayed. This is a major nuisance.

My data is names and phone numbers - names in one column and phone numbers in the next column. I will be adding names and numbers frequently so you can how frustrating this will be if I can't come up with a better way to do this.

Any ideas?

What would be great is if I could put my info on Excel and just copy Excel onto my Web page. Then I could keep the sort feature I like that's on ActiveWidget.
Dusty P
July 25,
This isn't necessary... I change (add/remove rows) all the time and never have to rename the file... though I do have to specify the proper number of rows within the Grid file itself. You must be doing something wrong... perhaps you browser is caching the old file.
August 8,

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