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help with php+mysql and links inside the grid

Help please... im using the activewidget php example with my database in mysql and it works great. But i want to insert links inside the celds, with the database fields. In another topic in this forum someone said that displaying a "<a href='link.htm'>Click here!</a>" will display a link. Thats right but with the simple grid example, not with the database php example even when you insert "<a href='renovaci.htm'>Intuit Inc.</a>" into the database. Anyway, i dont want to do it this way, i need to insert those links in other way. But i tryied the forum solutions and there is no effect, just errors: /datagrid.1073/redirect-page-dinamically-on-click.html

what should i do? thanks a lot buddies.
Rodrigo (zombieserver@hotmail.com)
July 27,

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