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Help with creating from my excel database please?!

Currently I go about anotehr process of extrating/saving my excel file into front page 2003 and then a little bit of text editing, but am very interested in trying to see what I can get with this program. You can see my current web for this at:


And then I am also including a pic of what it looks like in excel:


It goes on for 10 columns.

Anyhow, I want to keep this simple yet still adding some stuff like row highlight and sorting of which it looks like this is capable of.

I have reviewed the documentation and the "how to" and even tried it on my own by saving out the excel file to both .xml and .csv, but still not getting anything desirable. I am inserting the code into Front Page 2003.

So, can anyone please assist with this?

I am sure it is easy, but I am just not getting it. Thought it would be just a matter of saving the excel file to something else, then copying some code in, and then tweeking a few setting here and there for color and all, and then uploaded the required files to my server.

Would appreciate any help anyone can give. Thanks much.
July 31,
No active widget is not a program. You have to code in javascript to let it work the way you do. So start extending the examples and working your way to the way you wanted. Javascript knowledge is preferable.
John Ophof
July 31,

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