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Problems Using Grid With Citrix

When viewing the grid in IE, page faults occurr at a rate of 600 per second. A client running IE instances through citrix is highly concerned that such a page fault rate has the potential of paralyzing their system. Are their any workarounds for this.
Patrick Bucher Jr.
August 3,
What Operating systems are you running (host and client)? Page Fault Rates is a measure taken on Linux and you are saying you are using IE, I am confused. Give us more information about what you are doing so we can assist.
Jim Hunter
August 5,
A page fault is an event that occurs when attempting to access memory that is not in real RAM but is sitting on disk in virtual memory. I can appreciate why the systems guy is worried.

That happens mostly when a machine is low on free resources.

In the case of dynamic GUIs like this one, many messages to redraw the window occur. Our company uses cirtix for webbrowsing simply becuase when connected through vpn you have no internet access per se.

This problem is analogous to playing NT's pinball through cirtix in that even though you aren't seeing a redraw, the events are sent and citrix must descide if it needs to deal with them.

The solution - citrix is good for some things and not for others - If your users can connect to citrix why can't they simply connect to the host with the app? If it is an internal app, that would make the most sense.
August 6,

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