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Remove padding column

I wish to remove the very last column that is placed in grid the one to padd the grid out when it was too much horizontal space can this be done?
August 8,
There is no 'padding column'. There is a blank spot where there is no data, but it's not a column.
Are you trying to make the grid's width smaller if the columns don't fill it up? If so, you know how wide the columns are so just change the grid width to that width.
I bet that you are off by one in the number of columns that you are telling the grid to display. If you set the number of columns to 5 but only supply data for 4 then you will get a blank column. In this case, make sure that you set the column count correctly.
Jim Hunter
August 8,

show the example on that page what you get is grid lines across the whole grid since there is another column not an actual column just padding to fill the area I need to make that area look like it would in microsoft access for instance like a grid not a list view
August 9,
Sorry (whoever this is, please post your name), I don't see what you are describing on the link you provided. The grid I see has no scroll bars and the ONLY data I see ir REAL data, there are no extra columns. Post a link to your web page and I'll let you know what you are doing wrong.
Jim Hunter
August 9,
I sorted the problem I just changed the background colour of the main div to become the grid line colour and changed each cell background colour to white then I see a microsoft access like grid
August 10,
Glad to hear it (fill in your name here, you know it really is not polite to not post your name or at least some handle so we know who is asking the questions). But it really sounds like you used a work around to fix a configuration issue, when in fact you should have simply changed the configuration.
Jim Hunter
August 10,
How do you change the configuration? A simple example would be good.
Jack Mansons
November 8,

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