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Can any of the cells be editable

Does this widget support editing the data by the user? Like in a Win control where you can make certain cells editable by user, where I can specify what control I want to use when the user attempts to edit the cell content (e.g. input vs. select)
September 22,
Mike I hate to be rude, but search the forums here and you will find 100+ messages about grid editing. Before posting a question, everyone should spend 5 minutes searching the forum to see if the question has already been answered because it usually has.
September 22,
Argh, I've looked and you're correct, there are 100+ postings...most of them suggest a solution, and almost all of them speak of adding the edit feature as part of the download...All of the ones I saw date back to late 04/early 05...It's not clear whether this was ever implemented or not...the examples don't include any editable scenarios...I want to incorporate this widget into our product, but cannot do that without the edit feature...5 minutes are up! any help?
September 22,

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