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Where is the real life examples

Which projects have been used Activewidgets? Can we see them?
October 13,
Sorry, but my use is for the government and is behind a secure, access controlled firewall. So my stuff can not be seen by the general public. I can say though, that my application (it's not a "web page", it's a full web version of an existing Windows application that we wrote) currently only uses the grid, but our next release will be entirely rendered using ActiveWidgets, there will be NO HTML at all on the page, only JavaScript. Once our company sets up a public "brag page" I'll post the URL so you can at least see snapshots of what we have done. I don't know when this might be.
Jim Hunter
October 14,
Thanks for your answer. Anyone else?
October 20,
mine will be available soon it is in software testing atm
October 20,
It will be good to see these activewidgets-used sites list, somewhere.
October 29,
We used the grid in our open source project and a demosite is there.
John Ophof http://open-modeling.sourceforge.net
October 29,

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