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column 1 of grid is HTML coded checkbox <input type='checkbox' name='selectid' value='someval'>

On sort, selections disappear. Very irritating. I've searched the forum carefully and not found any method that addresses this issue directly although several attempts to acquire this knowledge have been made. Has anyone figured out the solution to this issue? If so, please share.

Frank H
October 13,
Oh ... by the way. We've tried every documented? method available in the reference section to pull the value from the grid cell, modify it, re-write it, etc. Nothing works.
Frank H
October 13,
We're willing to hack the code to execute code that will "re-check" the checkboxes. Where in grid.js is the best place to insert a call? Please save us hours of time on this.
Frank H
October 13,

sorting includes call to refresh() method which re-creates grid's html from the data source. Ideally you should not rely on the state of the html but rather transfer the state into your data source, for example re-creating checkbox html inside your data source with 'checked' attribute using onclick or onchange event.

Or, as you suggested you can wrap refresh() method with your code reading checkbox state and restoring it after refresh.

Version 2.0 includes checkbox templates, so those hacks will not be necessary with the new version.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
October 13,

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