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Refresh Grid within a Tab

Is there an easy way to refresh a Grid within a Tab?
I tried the following with no luck:
//This works fine outside a tab
//This reloads the tab but not the grid data
TabsFrame.element().innerHTML = page[3].join('');

Rick Villela
November 4,
Need more information (your source code) in order to tell exactly what you are doing. Issuing a grid.refresh() should work. Let us see more source code and we might be able to help you.
Jim Hunter
November 4,
The actual code would have been very convoluted because I was using dynamically generated code and an XMLHTTPRequest() handle to do the update. So, as I was trying to create a simple case, I realized that it was the XML file that was not getting updated and the gridTable.request() works fine after all.
Rick Villela
November 4,
Glad you found it.
Jim Hunter
November 4,

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