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Send selected row items to input fields in a grid loaded in php

I have a grid loaded on the bottom of a page using the following code (in php):
   echo"<TR HEIGHT='25%'>";
      echo"<TD COLSPAN='4' WIDTH='100%' ALIGN='left'>";
         include "activewidgets.php";
         $name = "obj";
         echo activewidgets_grid_load($name, $dabs_searchedcodes);

Here's the code in the included "activewidgets.php" page:
//This function creates the javascript code to load the 
//active widgets grid based on the data array sent in. 
function activewidgets_grid_load($name, &$data){
   //How many rows are there.  We need to tell the
   //grid how much data we've got.
   $row_count = @mssql_num_rows($data);

   //How many columns are there.  We need this to 
   //set the column header text and to build the 
   //array for the data.
   $column_count = @mssql_num_fields($data);

   //Get all the column names and create the 
   //array to make the column header in the grid.
   $columns = "var ".$name."_columns = [\n";
      for ($i=0; $i < $column_count; $i++) {
         $field = @mssql_fetch_field($data, $i);
         $columns .= "\"".$field->name."\", ";
   $columns .= "\n];\n";

   //Get all the data in the rows in an array
   //we will use to fill the grid.
   $rows = "var ".$name."_data = [\n";
   while ($result = @mssql_fetch_array($data)) {
      $rows .= "[";
      for ($l=0; $l < $column_count; $l++) {
            $rows .= "\"".$result[$l]."\", ";
//         $rows .= "\"".activewidgets_html($result[$l])."\", ";
      $rows .= "],\n";
   $rows .= "];\n";

//echo "rows = $rows <br>";

   //Finally!  We are creating the javascript code that creates and formats
   //the grid.  When this funciton is called from a php page using "echo",
   //this javascript code executes and magically create the grid.
   $html = "<"."script".">\n";
   $html .= $columns;
   $html .= $rows;
   $html .= "try {\n";
   $html .= "  var $name = new Active.Controls.Grid;\n";
   $html .= "  $name.setRowCount($row_count);\n";
   $html .= "  $name.setColumnCount($column_count);\n";
   $html .= "  $name.setDataText(function(i, j){return ".$name."_data[i][j]});\n";
   $html .= "  $name.setColumnText(function(i){return ".$name."_columns[i]});\n";

   $html .= "  var message = function(){";
   $html .= "    window.status = \"Grid selection:\" + ";
   $html .= "   \" latest=\" + this.getSelectionProperty(\"index\") + ";
   $html .= "  \" full list=\" + this.getSelectionProperty(\"values\") + ";
   $html .= "  \" (press Ctrl- to select multiple rows).\"";
   $html .= "  }\n";
   $html .= "  document.write($name);\n";
   $html .= "}\n";
   $html .= "catch (error){\n";
   $html .= "  document.write(error.description);\n";
   $html .= "}\n";
   $html .= "</"."script".">\n";

   return $html;

I need to keep this information in a php page because I am talking to a MSSQL database. Keeping this in mind, I need to be able to click (or double click preferably) on a row in the grid, and put the data in that row into corresponding input fields. I have been able to do it without the grid being dynamically loaded in php, but I need to be able to do it inside php. Any help would greatly be appreciated.
November 17,
The code to do it would be the same on the client side regardless of weather the grid was created statically or dynamically. Remember that the PHP is simply outputting JavaScript for use on the client. Take the code you tested statically (the function to move the data) and add it to the PHP code you have above to be sent to the client.
Jim Hunter
November 18,

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