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How can i set the number of rows in a grid before scrolling

I am using the grid in one of my web pages and i think that it is very amazing, i would however like to add one thing onto it.

Due to the size constraint in my frame, i cant display the whole grid unfortunately but i would like for the grid to show the first four rows and thereafter show the scroll bar so that i can scroll down to see the rest of the records.

Any ideas? Please help?
November 22,
the grid will automaticaly scroll just set it to the height needed and you will have that effect

if the grid is on it's own in a frame just set it to 100% for width and height
November 22,
Thanks a lot J.

I will try that to see if that works.But what if i want the grid to start scrolling only after showing the first four rows. Is there any way that i could do this.

Your help is sincerely appreciated
November 23,
You don't set the number of visible rows, you set the grid height. If you want to have exactly x number of rows you are going to have to do the math to determine what the height is that you need. IE Header Height + (number of rows * row height) + any border width that you want.
Jim Hunter
November 28,

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