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PLEASE HELP!! Scroll Bar Problems

Ok i have this text on my page and i want a Scroll bar for just the text because i have the layout (which by the way is aswome and took me forever) but the thing is when i type he page just gets longer i want there to be a scroll bar so this way the box is small and i can just have a scroll bar for the TEXT insted of the whole PAGE ?? get waht i mean please help me out, when i paste a normal Scroll Bar tag int here such as this it just says that i cant do that because its a Scroll bar tag for the whole entire page, and i dont want to paste it in the normal spot because i dont want one for the whole page! Email me if you do not post back or have some reason not to post email me at fmp2491@aol.com thank you <STYLE type="text/css">
scrollbar-face-color: #FF0000;
scrollbar-highlight-color: #FFFFFF;
scrollbar-3dlight-color: #000000;
scrollbar-darkshadow-color: #000000;
scrollbar-shadow-color: #FFFFFF;
scrollbar-arrow-color: #FF0000;
scrollbar-track-color: #FF0000;
Thursday, March 16, 2006
ooo sorry and ummm if you are good with this stuff and dont understand what im asking email me or im me when i sign on and ill send u a screen shot and show u where i want the scroll bar to be thanks Fmp2491@aol.com or Aim/aol fmp2491 thanks
Thursday, March 16, 2006

If I understand you correctly you are after a section of text contained within an area of your website to be scrollable.

If this is the case try this:
<div style="overflow:auto; height:144px; padding-right:5px; width:490px"> your text goes here </div>

set the height: and width: to the size you want in pixels unfortunately can't use percentages with this as far as I know. Also padding-right is to stop the text butting up against the scroll bar (which will be to the right of your text).

I don't if you can change where the scroll bar appears within the div but anyone does please let me know.
Wednesday, November 22, 2006
Thanks Phil
That really helped me!!!!
In His Grip
Tuesday, December 5, 2006

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