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selected tab border

I'm using the tab component with the following code. As you can see, I have a bordered div under the tab. In doing this, the "selected" tab also has the border under it. Is there any way, I can take the border away from the selected tab?

You might say that I can't control it with the tab component because the border is actually a style of the div under the tab component but the reaon I ask is because when I click on a tab, it actually makes the border under that tab go away. If this question doesn't make sense, please let me know because I would really appreciate an answer to this. Thank you very much.

#pifMain0 .aw-image-property {background: url(http://localhost:8080/static/images/icons/16x16/property.gif) bottom left no-repeat}
#pifMain0 .aw-image-pif {background: url(http://localhost:8080/static/images/icons/16x16/pif.gif) bottom left no-repeat}
#pifMain0 .aw-image-owners {background: url(http://localhost:8080/static/images/icons/16x16/owners.gif) bottom left no-repeat}
#pifMain0 .aw-image-activity {background: url(http://localhost:8080/static/images/icons/16x16/activity.gif) bottom left no-repeat}
#pifMain0 .aw-image-documents {background: url(http://localhost:8080/static/images/icons/16x16/documents.gif) bottom left no-repeat}
#pifMain0 .aw-image-pictures {background: url(http://localhost:8080/static/images/icons/16x16/pictures.gif) bottom left no-repeat}
#pifMain0 .aw-image-calendar {background: url(http://localhost:8080/static/images/icons/16x16/calendar.gif) bottom left no-repeat}
#pifMain1 .aw-image-valuation {background: url(http://localhost:8080/static/images/icons/16x16/valuation.gif) bottom left no-repeat}
#pifMain1 .aw-image-offer {background: url(http://localhost:8080/static/images/icons/16x16/offer.gif) bottom left no-repeat}
#pifMain1 .aw-image-construction {background: url(http://localhost:8080/static/images/icons/16x16/construction.gif) bottom left no-repeat}
#pifMain1 .aw-image-settlement {background: url(http://localhost:8080/static/images/icons/16x16/settlement.gif) bottom left no-repeat}
#pifMain1 .aw-image-finance {background: url(http://localhost:8080/static/images/icons/16x16/finance.gif) bottom left no-repeat}
#pifMain1 .aw-image-realtor {background: url(http://localhost:8080/static/images/icons/16x16/realtor.gif) bottom left no-repeat}
#pifMain1 .aw-image-loan {background: url(http://localhost:8080/static/images/icons/16x16/loan.gif) bottom left no-repeat}
<script language="javascript">
var obj1 = new AW.UI.Tabs;
obj1.setControlSize(630, 22);
#pifMain1-item-3 {font-weight: bold};
<div id="pifMain" style="width: 100%; margin-bottom: 5px; border: 1px solid #999; padding: 4px;">
this is the content of the selected tab
Joe Hudson
Sunday, December 18, 2005
Does anyone have any idea what I am talking about? And, can they offer any suggestions? I know there is a CSS style I can use, I just can't figure out which one... Thank in advance.

Joe Hudson
Tuesday, December 27, 2005
If I just knew what style the tab went to when it was clicked, and I could default the selected tab to that style... could anybody show me what to do please?
Joe Hudson
Tuesday, December 27, 2005

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