Grid is not displaying more that 55555 rows.

Hi all,
I m trying to load the grid with a csv file having more than 60000 rows and grid is loading all the data the scroll height is accordingly but dispalying only 55555 rows after this row grid shows blank. I think its a bug or some other setting related to max. records in the grid.

Please help.
December 21,
Yes, this is a bug in 2beta3 - the scrolling height is limited to 1000000px which is 55555 rows x 19px each
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
December 21,

Are you considering this a bug (to be fixed/changed) or a known limitation (not going to be changed)?
Jim Hunter
December 22,

Did you get a answer on this?
Chris Angus
January 3,
No not yet.
Jim Hunter
January 3,
i'm just wondering... in what type of application do you need to display more than 55555 rows at once? i mean... to me 100-200 rows at once is too much data already :P
January 3,
I agree 9U. Sometimes you need to know when to say when. I would think NEXT and PREV button should work just fine with some number of rows displayed on each request.
January 3,
at the same time, you need to write the program to your boss's specifications. If he wants all rows returned, you need to return all rows... even if it is 55556 rows.
February 1,
Yes, you do have to write code to spec, but at the same time you have to write code to the spec of the platform it's getting delivered to. Your boss says that they want all rows returned, there are times when doing this will result in the browser crashing because you used up too much memory. Is this the type of application your boss wants to release? There has to be limits when dealing with web pages. And what about users that are going to be on a slower then normal connection? Downloading that much data might take forever. Is this what you want to deliver to your users? Coding to spec is part of your job, so is being the expert and suggesting possible changes to the spec based on known limitations of the things you are using.
Jim Hunter
February 1,
Has this been answered? The question of whether or not it is a good idea to display 55,555 rows of data is irrelevant - I am working on an internal app where the whole point might be to display that much (and more) data.

So is the 1000000px scrolling limitation still there?

March 31,
The 1000000 pixel limit had been increased to 2000000 so the grid can handle at least 100000 rows. This limit can be further increased where necessary using the following css rule -

.aw-grid-view {
                height: 1999999px; /* replace with the necessary height */
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
March 31,

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