XML Data with Just-in-time Rendering

Maybe it's just me, but I'm having a hard time finding an example of using XML data with just in time rendering. How do I do this?
January 23,
I'm curious about this as well. Seems to me that the entire XML document must be downloaded to the client before the grid can render. But once download, the Grid 2.0 can use virtual mode to render it more efficiently than Grid 1.0. But the sorting is still extremely slow, and there doesn't seem to be a way to download the XML in a virtual or just-in-time fashion. Is this a correct summary? Am I missing the same thing that Lewis is?
January 23,
Just to add...I'm planning on having the XML file generated dynamically through PHP...so adding an option like ?start_row=1&end_row=20&sort_by=id&sort_dir=asc would be possible to just return partial results sorted by the server instead of the client.

If this makes it easier/better to integrate results into the grid then I'll do that.

But really, whatever the best way is...I'm willing to do it.
January 23,
I have a question to Lewis, is there a specific reason that you are generating an XML file to send to your grid instead of an Array? The reason I ask is that the Array will be as much as 30% faster to render in the grid. Using a Javascript Array as your data input to the ActiveWidgets grid is the fastest way to get your grid up and running on the clients browser. So in my opinion, if you have a choice, use an array and not an XML document. Just because it's newer (XML), doesn't make it better. :)
Jim Hunter
January 24,
I actually had the same desire as you XML -> Virtual. B/c of the performance issues, I went another route, and make an PHP -> XML->JS Array class. I also encoded all the AW widget options we needed into the XML as params. Everything is in PHP5/Smarty. I did this so that users could download raw XML, render as a printable PDF, or render on teh page as an AW Grid. Anyway another approach to think about.
January 25,
Interesting! Basically, I'm going to use this tool to show search results from a gigantic database. Person fills out a form -> they get results in a cool way. I'd like to go AJAX with it just to blow their socks off so I'm thinking, now, that I could use AJAX to send the request and the server returns the data as a JS array which could just be evaluated then the script calls a render function.

But, I still would like to know about using XML! :)
January 25,
Oh...Joe, can I get a get a copy of that code? [email protected] or post here.
January 25,

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